Here is an overview of the different phases of evolution of the game and what will be put in place for each of them.

In progress: Alpha closed

The goal of this phase is to let a very small player board play, which gives feedback mainly on the accessibility of the game, whether it works on PCs with weak configurations and if players can easily get to the game. play in hand.

During this phase the priorities will still be to add content, major bug fixes and improve retention.

August 7, 2019: Open Alpha

The game will be released in alpha on August 7th, the goal of this phase is to make the game accessible to a maximum of people via and steam. All major and minor bugs must be fixed and 20 hours of gameplay will have to be offered.

August 31, 2019: Open Beta

The game should be fully balanced based on the returns I would have had during the Alpha period.

Increased game time and gameplay diversity, with a few more enemies, powers over enemies already present, and power for the player.

And I also hope to have the time to set up new class developments.

Final game release

It is still rather complicated to give a date knowing that the success of the game at its release will play an important role in the finalization of certain content. The game should nevertheless be significantly improved between its release and the end of 2019.